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Fan Assemblies for our boards

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Our fan assemblies are designed to be directly compatible with our board products that require fans, and include both the fans and mounting posts that are needed for correct operation of the system. You need to select the particular fan assembly that matches the board that you are trying to cool.  All of them are powered off of the board 5 volt system: with the exception of the BC6D20 fan assembly (for the AR-BC6D20EU and AR-BC6D25EU products), the board will have to NOT be powered off of the USB system in order to power the fans.

The fan assembly options therefore are:

If you order a fan assembly that does not match your controller board order, a "hold" will be placed on your order until we can contact you to confirm your needs. 

The associated image shows the fan assembly, along with a sample board to show the mounting and board connections.