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AR-BC6D25EU series USB Six Motor 0.15 to 2.5 Amp Current Regulating Stepper Motor Controller

AR-BC6D25EU series USB Six Motor 0.15 to 2.5 Amp Current Regulating Stepper Motor Controller

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The AR-BC6D25EU is a complete USB controlled Bipolar 6 axis stepper motor controller system. When configured with its preprogrammed PotRouter firmware, it includes the capability of driving one to six bipolar stepper motors using a single USB connection.

The current that is sent to the motors is regulated by the controller using a simple "chopper drive". This technique normally allows for a higher top speed from the motors than you would get operating them at their "nominal" voltage (that is to say, the voltage that would be required to attain the motor's rated current if run through the coils).  The actual current used is controlled by your application, with the top current that is available being 2.5 amps per winding.

If you are going to be operating at currents above 900 mA, or if you are going to leave the windings on continuously, you will need to cool the board with a dual  8-10 CFM fan assembly.  We do offer that as a separate product, or you can provide your own.

The two connector options ("MTA-100" and  "Screw Terminal") control how you connect most TTL I/O and motor wires to the board.

  • The 'MTA-100' option specifies use of latching Amp MTA-100 connectors, and  is recommended for any production system.  When the cables are correctly produced, the MTA-100 is vibration resistant, and is easier to use in a production environment. 
  • The "Screw Terminal" option specifies use of screw terminals for direct wire connection to the board.  This is suggested for anyone who is just doing experiments or is connecting to just one or two motors

The board has ESD protection on most of the TTL inputs (except for the RST line).  Note that the protection is only active when the board is connected to a properly grounded power supply, such that the GND connection on the board power connector goes to true earth ground.  It also has the option of being digitally isolated from the host computer if it is not being powered off of the USB system, which can simplify power connections in some cases.

The BC6D25CRouter (click to see the manual) firmware that is used describes the "personality" of the board.  You can update the firmware at any time using the supplied firmware update tool.  This firmware supports two modes of operation (you assign each motor to a given mode):

  • PotRouter-style allows for simultaneous independent asynchronous motion between the motors.
  • NCRouter-style allows for pen-plotter-like control, wherein perfect rate scaling is automatically performed between the motors in order to generate the equivalent of straight-line motion if a pen plotter were to be attached.  
The firmware also supports optional use of a BASIC-like scripting language.  This permits operation of the controller without a computer, once the program has been loaded into the flash memory on the controller.

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