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AR-RS232ToTTL series TTL-Serial Signal Converters

AR-RS232ToTTL series TTL-Serial Signal Converters

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Please note: The image shows the AR-RS232ToTTL-L version of the board with the Amp MTA-100 connectors installed.

The AR-RS232ToTTL series of boards (click to see the manual) are tiny 1" by 1.725" boards which translate RS232 serial data to TTL-serial levels which are compatible with all of our current motor controller products. It allows any of our controllers to communicate via RS232 with a host computer. 

Note also that this board permits communication between any RS232 based device and any 5 volt TTL-serial compliant device, such as the Parallax Basic or Javalin Stamp (  It supports baud rates up to 120K baud, when used with any other TTL-serial compatible devices. 

It is available in two models which select for the connector type ("MTA-100" and  "Screw Terminal")  used to connect power and the TTL-Serial I/O to the board.  The image shows the board with the Amp MTA-100 connector installed.

  • The 'MTA-100' option specifies use of latching Amp MTA-100 connectors, and  is recommended for any production system.  When the cables are correctly produced, the MTA-100 is vibration resistant, and is easier to use in a production environment. 
  • The "Screw Terminal" option specifies use of screw terminals for direct wire connection to the board.  

The board must be powered by a clean 5 volt regulated supply.  Either a separate 5 volt supply or 5 volts taken from the target controller board may be used.  You connect the power and ground to the +5/GND power inputs, and you also connect the ground to the target controller board for correct ground referencing if you are using a separate +5 volt power supply.  When it is connected to any of our motor controllers (such as our BC6D25), you normally power the board off of the controller. 

Please note: The images only show the Amp MTA-100 versions of these boards.

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