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Pay an offline invoice

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This "product" may be used to use a credit card to pay an invoice from Peter Norberg Consulting, Inc. that was not generated by this shopping cart system.

Use the "Dollars" to add the dollars part of your invoice, and the "Cents" to pay the pennies part of your invoice.  Alternatively, you may just pay the invoice in "Cents", by multiplying your invoice by 100.  We also suggest that you use the "Notes" field to state which invoice number is being paid with this request.

Please make certain that the total amount in your cart exactly matches your invoice amount.  If you have too much and still checkout, only the amount of the invoice will actually be charged to your card.  If you have too little and checkout, then the payment will be placed on hold until we can talk with you (you may end up having to create another checkout for the difference).

Please note that the shopping cart system places a 'hold' on your credit card for the entire amount that you approve at the time of the checkout, and that the hold is only released when the transaction is completed by us.  If we have to cancel the cart, the 'hold' will age off after several days (or weeks, depending on your particular credit card's rules).